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Bella Swan Cosplay Redo. by Dancemagicdancee Bella Swan Cosplay Redo. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 1 0 Jareth by Dancemagicdancee Jareth :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 3 0 I ask for so little. by Dancemagicdancee I ask for so little. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 3 0 I will be your slave. by Dancemagicdancee I will be your slave. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 2 6 I Can give you your dreams... by Dancemagicdancee I Can give you your dreams... :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 6 0 It's a Crystal, Nothing More. by Dancemagicdancee It's a Crystal, Nothing More. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 14 6 I've Brought you a Gift. by Dancemagicdancee I've Brought you a Gift. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 5 0 Sarah The Goblin Queen by Dancemagicdancee Sarah The Goblin Queen :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 10 0 Jareth's Necklace- After the paint. by Dancemagicdancee Jareth's Necklace- After the paint. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 3 0 Jareth's Necklace- Before the paint. by Dancemagicdancee Jareth's Necklace- Before the paint. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 2 0 Trapped in Crystal Dreams. by Dancemagicdancee Trapped in Crystal Dreams. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 7 3 Your Eyes Can be So Cruel- Labyrinth Costume by Dancemagicdancee Your Eyes Can be So Cruel- Labyrinth Costume :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 3 6 You'll be Mine by Dancemagicdancee You'll be Mine :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 3 0 Within your eyes #2 by Dancemagicdancee Within your eyes #2 :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 19 1 My Goblin Queen by Dancemagicdancee My Goblin Queen :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 32 6 Through Sarah's Eyes. by Dancemagicdancee Through Sarah's Eyes. :icondancemagicdancee:Dancemagicdancee 11 0


Lazy Town-Warm Ups by MadJesters1 Lazy Town-Warm Ups :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 341 36 LazyTown - Sportacus Concepts by EnvyQ00 LazyTown - Sportacus Concepts :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 67 24 Lazytown - NEEDS MOAR STEPHANIE by LadyKeane Lazytown - NEEDS MOAR STEPHANIE :iconladykeane:LadyKeane 87 9 Sportacus and Stephanie by Maseiya Sportacus and Stephanie :iconmaseiya:Maseiya 206 97 Lazy Town- Sportacus and Stephanie by MadJesters1 Lazy Town- Sportacus and Stephanie :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 401 38 Sarah by HollyBell Sarah :iconhollybell:HollyBell 548 15
I Died
How could I let this happen? It's pathetic really… Robbie Rotten, LazyTown villain, heartbroken. It may come as a shock to people that I actually possess a heart, and I don't blame them. But I do, despite my best efforts.  I learned early on that hoping for love only leads to disappointment. It's better to just accept the situation and keep away from others. There is nothing but pain to be gained from allowing others access to your heart, so I don't.
Somehow though, she wormed her way in. Not surprising I guess; I don't think there is a single person who doesn't adore her. She's pretty much the paradigm of love and happiness. Sickening really, but irresistible all the same. I did my best to keep away; I have no time for such ridiculousness. I long ago devoted my life to wreaking havoc, and that pink pixie would only ruin it all. And yet…here we are.
To be fair, I doubt I was in her plans either. We all assumed she'd end up with the bouncing blue elf. I guess the dar
:iconkatdjz:KatDJZ 2 0
Mature content
Wicked Games :iconkatdjz:KatDJZ 1 2
LT - Complete Jubilation by Shinjuchan LT - Complete Jubilation :iconshinjuchan:Shinjuchan 154 45
Sportacus X Stephanie Anne Meanswell Chap.2
Sportacus and Stephanie were on their way to the airship and Sportacus
Saw something on the corner of his eye three people one was a mafia lawyer and the other was a mafia Hobo and the other is A. mafia magican  their names were Apollo wright and phoenix wright and Trucy wright. Sportacus said "COME OUT AND FIGHT U COWARDS!" and Phoenix wright said "All we want is that Pink haired Girl so we might as well fight for her Apollo, trucy ready?" and apollo and trucy said "Yeah lets do this!"
And the two other People yeld "HOLD IT!" and Phoenix said "Hershel Layton babe i missed you and your Hat come here and give me a hug. And Luke my cyborg buddy high five yeah ooh forgot robo high fives hurt" and layton said "Hey sweetie i missed you so much" and luke said" hey Mr. Wright" and layton and Luke said"We are here to help u with this whole thing and its going to be so cool." Layton said" so phoenix do u think we should take him from the ba-(Sportacus Punches Layton in the lip) ow he punch
:iconhobopollo123:hobopollo123 1 0
Sportacus X Stephanie Ann Meanswell Chapter 1
Sportacus was In His Airship doing his daily routine excises when his crystal went off and he said "Someone's in trouble. Open door." Looked down with a para-scope and saw Stephanie in a cage and He flipped and landed on the grass and ate a sports candy and Lifted up the cage and got Stephanie out of the cage and asked" Are you Okay?" and Stephanie said "Thanks Sportacus. I really Appreciate it and i feel a little clumsy and embarrassed of falling. But once again Thank you Sportacus." Sportacus chuckled and said "It's Okay Stephanie to feel Embarrassed sometimes but we can get through it together because we never give up."
their friends Trixe and Pixel and Stingy and Ziggy all said "YEAH WE NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!! Stephanie,Sportacus it's time to dance Stephanie it's time do dance and sing come on!" and Stephanie sang and danced to the song "Bing bang diggiriggidong
First thing that I say after I wake up.
Bing bang diggiriggidong
I say those words before I go to sleep.

:iconhobopollo123:hobopollo123 1 7
He's Number One!! by FantasyGold He's Number One!! :iconfantasygold:FantasyGold 171 40
The visit of Number 9
At last – scattered stars above begin to pale and fade. The eastern horizon was definitely brighter now, smearing rose within the soft gray above the mountains range just outside of LazyTown. For just a moment everything around is like a child with a new watercolor set. The clouds, having hung low all night, rise up to take on these cheery pastels and shimmer like they’re truly spun from silver.
The birds notice and stir in their nests. They’re doing scales, preparing for a day of song. Little things in the grass begin to scamper and greet the morning in their own particular ways.
Whoopa-whoopa-whoopa ....
But whatever could that sound be?
Íþróttaálfur Níu
(The visit of Number 9)
By Shinju Tetsuya
“Hmmm? What was that?”
As the new rays of the dawn finally steal through her window, Stephanie stretches underneath her covers and yawns. There’s a good chance that the peculiar sound that had awoken her sudden
:iconshinjuchan:Shinjuchan 35 43
Lilac and Purple chapter 2
I am come to lock all fast,
Love without me cannot last.
Love, like Counsels of the Wise,
Must be hid from Vulgar Eyes.
'Tis holy, and we must conceal it,
They profane it, who reveal it.

From the opera “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell
The streets of Lazytown were gradually drained of their noise and commotion. As families headed home to their beds, all that was left was the quiet ringing of the crickets and the whisper of the far-off highway.
Sportacus could not return to his airship yet. His head was full of things he needed to pacify. As he left Town Hall, his pace quickened to a jog – instinctively, he fell back upon the comfort of exercise.
Without noticing, his feet took him uphill to the wealthier part of town, along a tree-lined road where a collection of large, ornate mansions stood as proud surveyors of the skyline. The night had now well and truly fallen, and Sportacus absently wondered how close it was to 8.08. He came t
:iconladykeane:LadyKeane 6 4
Sunset romance Lazy town fic
Sun set romance.
Stephanie was sitting beneath the Lazy Town apple tree, the sun set today was so beautiful she had decided to watch it, some how though sitting watching something so romantic alone just didn't feel right, instantly her mind filled with thoughts of Sportacus, she smiled to herself gently and let out a gentle sigh.
Oh how she wished that Sportacus was here with her right now, holding her hand, sitting beside her and watching this beautiful and romantic sunset with her
but he wasn't.
Stephanie didn't even notice as quietly Ziggy sat down under the tree next to her.  "I see that you are back in your favourite spot watching the sun set again." He commented gently, which made Stephanie jump slightly.
Stephanie looked at Ziggy she smiled at him and then spoke in a soft wistful tone. "Yeah I can't seem to help my self the sun set is just so beautiful I love to watch it."
"So when exactly were you planning on telling Sportacus that you are in love with him Stephanie?"
:iconthebluemaiden:thebluemaiden 7 17
Loving Light
Loving Light
The real problem was that agony was just part of it. There were times when he thought it would finally overwhelm him and he'd just give up, that his heart would finally break so he wouldn't have to feel this way anymore. Then she came shining by, all pink and sweet, and beautiful. He had to admit it, his heart could never break because of her, despite the agony; she was what kept his heart beating.
She had managed to get through adolescence staying true to her inner self, happy and still innocent in a way, even as life has touched her, and made her grow up. She had kept the inner light in her, and her eyes kept smiling every time her lips did so, and she'd kept running to him every time she saw him. She was still her Stephanie, now a lovely young woman, but still herself. And so, he had inevitably fallen in love with her.
There she was again, running towards him, bathed in the morning sun like an angel, making his heart ache and his lips smile and his b
:iconmarsihaya:MarSihaya 13 11



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You have to be strong to hold a grudge. Even stronger for letting it go, and even stronger to forgive them.
And although forgiveness is very hard, it is necessary. Holding onto anger and old hurts hardens your heart and hurts only you.


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United States
23. Alabama. Peewee Herman, Labyrinth and Alice in Wonderland Obsessed.

Past Obsessions: Doodlebops, Lazy Town.

I run the PeeweeFanatics Instagram & tumblr.

I'm weird.


lamest stamp ever by thweatted


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